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Oh hey!

We're Allie & Derek. One of us loves words, the other has an eye for design. Together we both have a heart for creating.

This print shop was born from two beliefs we share: 

1. Home is the best place in the whole world (seriously, we introvert hard)

2. You have the opportunity to make yours an intentional space you love being in

Words are powerful. They matter. We think you should surround yourself with positive ones. 

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This is Allie.

She's a blogger, minimalist, and mama to basically a thousand (okay fine, just four). She fell in love with a guy named Brian in junior high school and the rest is history!

Allie likes cheeseburgers and dreams of a day when having them for breakfast is socially acceptable. She's such a philanthropist. 

She's also the founder of (she's got an eye for super original blog names), the the creator of Your Uncluttered Home - an online decluttering course that earned her global attention and fueled the flame of passion in her for helping other mamas love their homes. 


This is Derek.

He was working at a job that kinda sucked the life out of him. Then Allie needed a graphic designer for her blog and he was like, "hey, I know how to do that. Save me." And then she did. And so they became an unstoppable team with a crap ton of ideas. These Solid Walls was one of them. 

Derek likes to remove himself from all comfort and sleep in the dirt (alright fine. Camping. He likes to go camping...), drink a lot of coffee, and watch football. 

He's married to Hannah and one heck of an awesome dad to his daughter, Eisley. 


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A little bit about our prints...

We don't believe in cutting corners. Each product that we use is made of genuine, premium material that is carefully selected to ensure lasting quality that you can feel good about. Each preliminary design is hand drawn before final editing, then printed on 10 mil. thick heavyweight stock paper with Epson UltraChrome HDR inks, to ensure that the colors are vivid and the material is durable to last. The finished prints are hand cut and covered in tissue paper to prevent smudging, and wrapped in 100% genuine leather cords for shipping. 

Our goal is to make sure that you love these prints as much as we do, and that they keep your home or office trendy and inviting. 
If you ever have an idea or something you would like to see us make, head over to our contact page and send us your thoughts! Were always open to new ideas!